NASA JunoCam#

Example of JunoCam field of view projection during the 2021 Ganymede flyby.

In June 2021, the Juno spacecraft made a flyby of Ganymede an recorded a series of images of the surface.

JunoCam image 10,629
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from planetary_coverage import GANYMEDE, TourConfig
from planetary_coverage.misc import wget

Manually download the required kernels#

remote = ''

kernels = (
for kernel in kernels:
    wget(f'{remote}/{kernel}', f'data/JUNO/kernels/{kernel}', skip=True)

Load Juno trajectory#

juno = TourConfig(
    kernels=[f'data/JUNO/kernels/{kernel}' for kernel in kernels],

junocam = juno['2021-06-07T16:57:22.8']  # Frame 6 of image 10,629

<SpacecraftTrajectory> Observer: JUNO | Target: GANYMEDE
 - UTC start time: 2021-06-07T16:57:22.800
 - UTC stop time: 2021-06-07T16:57:22.800
 - Nb of pts: 1

Project the JunoCam FOVs#

fig = plt.figure(figsize=(12, 8))

ax = fig.add_subplot(projection=GANYMEDE)

ax.add_collection(junocam['JUNOCAM_RED'].fovs(edgecolor='tab:red', lw=3))
ax.add_collection(junocam['JUNOCAM_GREEN'].fovs(edgecolor='tab:green', lw=3))
ax.add_collection(junocam['JUNOCAM_BLUE'].fovs(edgecolor='tab:blue', lw=3))

ax.set_xticks(range(300, 361, 5))
ax.set_yticks(range(-10, 31, 5))

ax.set_xlim(300, 360)
ax.set_ylim(-10, 31)

ax.set_title('JunoCam RGB footprints (frame 6 of image 10,629)')
JunoCam RGB footprints (frame 6 of image 10,629)

Comparison with the original image#

JunoCam image 10,629 - frame 6

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